You can apply for funding from multiple programs by completing one application.
The application has four parts:
  • Part 1: Applicant Information
  • Part 2: Project Information
  • Part 3: Budget and Narrative
  • Part 4: Review Application Prior to Submitting

You can download a practice application and the budget and narrative worksheet. Once you have all of the information together, you are ready to fill out the online application.

Please use the web browsers Safari or Firefox to download.

Instructions for completing the application form:
  • We estimate it takes approximately one hour.
  • Download the application so you are familiar with the questions. You may want to write your answers in the downloaded form and save it. Then you can copy and paste your answers into the online application.
  • Download the budget worksheet and narrative, and complete it. You will upload this in the online application.
  • We have included several options for how you can submit your requested budget. Some of these options are new. Please use whichever option works best for you for your proposed project(s).
  • Once you begin the online application, you need to complete it in full. If you stop working on it, your session will expire and you will have to start again.
  • Your answers may be in English or Spanish. Please reach out to OHA at if you need assistance from an interpreter.
  • If you are applying for multiple projects, you may complete just one application for all of them.
  • You will see instructions for how to do this as you go through the application. If it is easier for you to fill out separate applications for each project, you are welcome to do that. Our intention is to make this easy for you, but this is a new process and your questions and suggestions are very helpful. If you have questions, please see the contact information at the bottom of the page.
If you need help filling out the application click here.

Ready to Apply?

1Applicant Information
2Project Information
3Budget and Narrative
4Review Application Prior to Submitting

Part 1: Applicant Information

Please complete the following information for your organization or partnership.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Upload only JPG or PDF files

Please indicate your organization’s capacity to speak and/or write in languages other than English. Also indicate whether the language capacity comes from someone who speaks that language as their first language or someone who learned the language, or if you would use a translation service.

(OHA can provide staff support to help organizations register; fees range from $50 to $275 and should be included in the application budget. See FAQs for more details or click here for more information.)

Applicant Insurance:

If Applicable: Partners

Complete information for every partner that will be financially supported with this grant.